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How to Pick the Best Blueberries: 4 Friendly Tips

Want to learn how to pick the best blueberries? Looking for a delicious blueberry recipe? There are endless options for satisfying your blueberry cravings before the season ends, and I have a few tips for you.  


In our Central Florida community, we get to enjoy a variety of blueberry adventures. Whether we choose to attend an event, a festival, or visit a “pick your own,” this delicious fruit is not too far from our reach.


For our blueberry fun this season, we visited Keel & Curley Winery in Tampa-Florida. Their unique and charming flavors of wine, are made with end-of-crop blueberries. How cool is that! During our visit to the winery and farm, we picked up enough blueberries to make every single one of our favorite dishes.


Here’s a picture of our girls loving their time picking blueberries!


My family loves using blueberries for our breakfast. We use them in our pancakes, muffins, oatmeal, or yogurt. And, all credit goes to my husband, who has perfected the very rich “ice-cream bread” recipe, using blueberries. Be sure to stay tuned, for a blog post dedicated entirely to that tasty recipe.


Visiting the farm and picking your own blueberries, is a great way to spend time with the family. My children are learning to appreciate the benefits of fresh farm-to-table food, and have a love and passion for it. Here are few tips that will help you choose the best of the blueberries at your local farm.


Tip 1 – Bring a bottle of water and use plenty of sunscreen.

Tip 2 – Choose full blueberries with a light gray-blue color.

Tip 3 – The berry should fall right into your hand. No tugging on the berry required.

Tip 4 – As soon as you get home, be sure to store your fresh blueberries in the refrigerator.


Bonus Tip
Leave the stem in the blueberry to keep it fresh longer!





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The Best Summer Treat; A Strawberry Shake at Parksdale Farm Market

Growing up, our family visited the strawberry farm annually. Now that I have children of my own, I continue to have that same tradition.


My favorite place for picking up some fresh strawberries is Parkesdale Farm Market, in Plant City-Florida. They are known for their World Famous Strawberry Shortcake, and mouthwatering strawberries.


Excited yet? Well, beyond the strawberry season, the market serves their Parkesdale’s Strawberry Milkshake all year long. And I have to tell you, it makes an amazing summer treat!

In my opinion, the Parkesdale’s Strawberry Milkshake is incomparable. I can guarantee that with just one sip of their strawberry shake, you’ll be instantly hooked. But don’t just take my word for it, their shake was named “The best drinkable dessert” by Food Network.


Sweet treats aside, whenever I get to visit Parkesdale Farm Market, I really enjoy shopping their selection of products and produce that they offer. My girls always leave with a jar of their Parkesdale Farm Strawberry Preserve.


Whether you are a local, or a tourist, Parkesdale Farm Market in Plant City-Florida, is a family friendly spot that I would recommend to anyone.


Parkesdale is the largest family-operated strawberry and citrus farm in Florida. Over 3 million pounds of strawberries are harvested every year.




My Secret Love Affair: Restoration Hardware

As my taste in home design slowly refines, one of my main go-to stores for inspiration, is Restoration Hardware. Too often, I find myself drawn back to RH, in particular for their RH Baby and Child collection.


RH consistently offers quality and one of a kind home design. Their beautifully crafted furnishings and accessories, are bar none. Each room in the Restoration Hardware galleries, is truly remarkable. Every single piece is flawlessly made, with gorgeous elaborate details.


In the most inspiring way, RH has found a way to seamlessly make contrasting elements appear to remain in harmony. If you simply looked through the pages of one of their catalogs, with its old-world charm, and romantic designs, it’s not hard to understand why I am so enamored.


Within the home furnishings market, Restoration Hardware has become the bar. They are one of the most innovative luxury brands in the world. RH is dedicated to providing a luxurious experience, and I got to enjoy that first-hand.


This past year, I had the opportunity to visit RH Chicago – The Gallery at the Historic 3 Arts Club. From their furnishings, to the remarkable and fascinating architectural work, their galleries are indeed a sight to be seen.

Through Charm Project, I hope that you get to know me, and my personal style. When it comes to home design, fashion, and lifestyle, there is one rule I live by….


May it always be unique, distinctive, special, and simply one of a kind.

-Your Truly